Investment Advisory Services - Investment Strategies

Three step process:


Tilton Asset Management tailors a unique investment strategy for the client and each family entity by identifying their objectives and constraints. This includes assessing risk tolerance and investment returns expectations, recommending a strategic asset allocation, and writing investment policy statements.


Our firm puts each client-approved investment program into practice by recommending investment managers for specific assets consistent with the investment portfolio composition; selecting alternative investments; balancing between active and passive management; structuring portfolios for income and estate tax efficiency; negotiating favorable terms and fees for portfolio implementation, custody and brokerage, and; strategizing tax-efficient ways to diversify any concentrated equity positions.


Tilton Asset Management provides ongoing investment program oversight by supervising compliance with investment policies; measuring investment performance; evaluating investment managers and performance attribution, and; preparing regular investment reports and performance appraisals. Tilton Asset Managementís professionals are highly qualified to manage complex investment challenges and cutting-edge strategies. Investment education and communication are tailored to each clientís personal preferences and level of sophistication. Clients and their families access Tilton Asset Managementís expertise through a lasting advisory relationship built on responsiveness and trust.
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