Tilton and Company, PC - Full Service CPA Tax and Accounting Firm

What we offer:

  • Tax Planning & Preparation
  • Planning, projecting and preparing annual income tax returns while incorporating your tax strategy, developing a comprehensive financial plan.
  • Optimize your investment portfolio by making the most of your tax-advantaged retirement accounts through the appropriate placement of investments into tax favored accounts versus non-retirement accounts.
  • Annual review and coordination of your investment strategy with your tax planning, allowing for tactical adjustment which may increase after-tax returns.
  • Avoid or Minimize:
    • The Alternative Minimum Tax through proper tax strategies which impact your investment strategies
    • Capital gain exposure without compromising your strategic portfolio allocations.
  • Utilizing tax attributes; carry-forwards, credits, other special deductions based on your unique tax profile.
  • We incorporate current federal and state(s) tax law along with an appreciation of future tax proposals given the ever-changing and complex tax code in order to obtain the maximum benefits.